5.99 Fashion Review

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5.99 Fashion Review.

I have found this great site I have been just dying to share with people. It is called 599 Fashion, now before you go thinking its $599 it is actually $5.99 because that is the price of everything on their site.
They have accessories that are a little cheaper but almost everything is $5.99 or less. They sell women’s, plus size women’s, kids, as well as men’s apparel. If you’re on a budget, this is a great site to go to. It is hard to get good quality that matches up with our money in our pocket these days. This site is a factory direct so they can mark it all down yet still give you great quality items.

I know from being a plus sized woman it is hard to find nice stylish clothes in my size at an affordable price. With 599 Fashion that search is over. 599 fashion also changes with the seasons, so the apparel during the fall will not be available in the spring time. If you need a new outfit for a party with custom jewelry and accessories, you’ll be able to get a full outfit and accessories all for such a great price.

You can also enjoy great perks like fast shipping as well as a reward section for referring members .You get the points to get an instant $10 off anything you buy anytime. This is a great site to use for your holiday and birthday shopping, or even just casual wear for every day. The site even has an easy way of tracking your orders, so you can always keep up with your orders. You can even find trinket items and accessories for as low as $.99.
Although I have only bought plus size clothes from 599Fashion.com, but they have so much to choose from I’m sure everyone could find just what they need. I stand behind this company 100% and with their prices it’s easier in today’s economy for people who can’t afford much, still have nice clothes in the closets. So for discount clothing, accessories for men, women, plus size and children check out 599 Fashion today.

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