Adventures in Neverland

Pan’s Revenge: Adventures in Neverland 2

Pan’s Revenge: Adventures in Neverland 2 book review.

Peter Pan, Like You Have Not Seen Him Before.

The Aventures in Neverland 2: Pan’s Revenge, the second book in Anna Kartmore’s series of books and the last installment. I didn’t imagine anything being better than the first book but I think this one was.
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Pan's Revenge: Adventures in Neverland 2This book the moment I bought it I stayed up all night into the next day just to finish all 347 pages of this. This is one of the few books that I have ever laughed out loud as well as cried in as well. It touched me so much in this story I couldn’t help but have streaming tears down my face. I believe when a writer can pull you in like that and make you feel something for the characters is a good writer indeed.

So this book takes place in Neverland and in London and continues the love story between Angel and Hook and shows Peter Pan in a whole different light. You may even learn to hate him in this book on all he does to keep Angel and Hook apart and miserable. There is adventure in this book just as in the last maybe even more so. Most book series the first is the best but I really think this one was better than the first. It is a book I can see reading again and again. I don’t want to mess it up for those who have to read it but I will leave some spoilers below of stuff I loved about it so if you don’t want to know don’t read past this.

So Hook realizes he can’t live without Angel, which touches my heart due to he is this tough pirate. He will stop at nothing to be with her even if it means finding away to London to see her again. Pan tries to interfere due to Hook making him age and breaking the spell that keeps him young. He becomes angered and wants to hurt hook so bad that he plans to take Angel from him since her going back to London causes her to forget her memory of all of them. It becomes a very touching story in how it all plays out as well as you still have the passion between Angel and Hook as you have never seen it before. This book is no different than the first as far as it being about family, friends and Hook and Angel’s love story. But seeing Peter Pan in this book and what he does just to hurt everyone around him makes me find myself hating him.

I have never been a true fan of his anyways, and glad that I got to read Adventures in Neverland and share in the love story that Hook had as well. It ends well but definitely left it open although she says she will not write another installment but who knows what the future brings I have high hopes that she one day will I would buy it the moment I saw it on the kindle store. Hope you give this book a chance though and check it out for yourself.

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