Anna Katmore Neverlan book review.

Anna Katmore Neverland book review.

Anna Katmore Neverland.
A Book Review. The Story With A Twist

I have never truly been a great big fan of the movie Peter Pan even as a child. I always found him to be a spoiled annoying little brat. Until I found this book I imagined no one felt the way I did. I mean in a book it was always about Peter and Wendy but truly what about Hook? Well thanks to this brilliant writer Anna Katmore we really Anna Katmore Neverland book review.
get to think along those lines. She brings this book to life with a girl named Angel who falls through to Neverland. She embarks on an adventure with Peter at first to find he is just that an annoying little boy who has yet to grow up and has a past that she learns of the reason why he refuses. She writes about a connection between Hook and Peter that you really never saw coming.

Then even though Hook and Angel start off on a wrong foot and fight a lot they start their own love story that becomes so beautiful. Granted this book has some cursing in it I mean we are talking about pirates but it’s really not a lot and can be easily over looked. It is a must read truly is inspiring and beautiful. Hook leaves you breathless over and over again as this writer makes you feel like your Angel. Especially in those moments of passion and how intense he gets when he just wants to kiss her. This book had me on the edge of my seat and I couldn’t wait to read more.

The first 30% of the book was a bit hard to get in to at first but once I did I couldn’t put it down. I lost sleep trying to finish this book it was so good. Although some of our most remembered characters like Tinker bell and the lost boys their names have all been changed and even their nature it still gave you a beautiful story of the connection between Peter and them. I truly think this story is about family, friends, connections, and Hook’s love story. Who knew a ruthless pirate could fall in love the way he did but he truly shows in this book he can be that pirate yet still give everything to one woman and be nothing without her. I love that it showed a softer side to him.

Slight Spoiler:
When Angel gets stuck in Neverland she wants to go back to London but with every day she stays there she forgets what she needs to go back to. She depends on Peter who not long after being there lets her down. She finds a romance and love with Hook that makes her even question leaving. And when the day comes instead of being a selfish pirate Hook does the right thing. So if you ready for an adventure into Neverland like you have never seen it before then this is a must read for most ages. I was swept away and there is a book that follows this one stay tuned for its review.
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