ArcheAge Review. New Kind Of MMO Game.

ArcheAge Review

ArcheAge Review.
New Kind Of MMO Game.

I’m always on the lookout for new MMO online game. I recently got to start playing a new game called ArcheAge and you can get it on Glyph. It is from the same creators of Rift so I figured I would give it a try. I read about this game for weeks before leaping into downloading it. After all the reading I did, I found it isn’t like the typical fantasy MMO’s out there. It isn’t like the sci-fi ones either yet it captivated my attention. With this game there was definitely major potential. I have looked for a game I could have the fantasy world I wanted yet still enjoy characters from history. With this game you can be dressed in Victorian wear which they put up as French wear. Also you can be a pirate by gaining the reputation to be one. Once you step into that boat you are now neither good nor bad from the west or the east but now you can take what you want and kill everyone if you choose.

This is a newer game so there are still a few changes that need to be made. I like how this game is beginner friendly because it tells you the story and puts arrows on the ground to each mission you need to go to so you never get lost. They also have the traditional map as well so you can read that way if you don’t want to follow the arrows. You have only 3 races in this game which I hope they add more later. As for the characters, they look extremely realistic and that’s what I love the most about ArcheAge.
It seems pretty easy to level in the low levels like most games sadly I haven’t gotten to higher levels yet, but working on it. I will try to do a follow-up review once I get to the higher level, if anything changes for the bad or good.

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As for it seems this is a Korean based game, because if for some reason the game crashes it sends me to a site that I translated to be Korean. Not to mention all music in game have an Asian influence.Don’t let that make you take a step back because so far this game is pretty awesome. It has its rare crashes and the maintenance on the servers, and the updates that are pretty regular but like all new games these things are to be expected. The price of the starter packs are a bit pricey but at least their membership per month is an easy low payment of $14.99 like most MMO games these days. I do hate that you only get 2 characters being a free to play on all servers, which means no matter if you have one on one server and another on another, you can’t have more than 2. There is role-play done in this game which makes it even more interesting but I wish there was an option to play with more than 2 characters. The tree system is so different on here you can be 3 things like I chose witchcraft, sorcery, and song craft. As you progress levels you learn new abilities. Kind of a neat system the way they have it set.

All in all I like this game because it keeps me coming back. Out of a score from 1 to 10 I give it a 7 because I do think there needs to be a few improvements but overall I like it. I still haven’t figured out how to type in chat or how to join a guild but I know those options are available. It does have more limitations as a free player than Rift does. This game is far more enjoyable on a bigger screen because it’s not so cluttered. I have a small screen so I have to close missions sometimes and the chat screen gets in the way. Hopefully you give it a shot and you’ll see that the creatures in this game look very realistic and are a lot of fun to play with.

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