Avast free edition antivirus and Malwarebytes Antimalware

Avast free edition & Malwarebytes Anti Malware

Avast free edition antivirus and Malwarebytes review.

I see all over the internet these days so many different ways to keep your computer safe. Then if you talk from one person to the next they will tell you that their antivirus is better than yours. It is a big competition but I would like to share a program for malware as well as one for antivirus that I don’t think get enough buzz these days.

Malwarebytes Anti Malware is a great program it blocks a lot of stuff from coming in on your computer. I have been using this sameprogram for 3 years now and between that and my wonderful antivirus I hardly every have any issues at all, which keeps my computer running longer and smoother for the best results for me. So its worth the payment for what it does it even scans your computer to make sure you don’t already have any as well as updates frequently keeping you under the best protection that you can be. It is simply one of the programs even great for the lesser savvy computer people out there. So you download and update it when it tells you too and other than that it runs in the background and does its job without you constantly messing with it. This makes this malware program the best around in my book, my mom even likes it and she isn’t very computer savvy.

avast! 4 WHS EditionNow on to the antivirus I use Avast now granted there is Avast free edition as well as paid and I have used both. Both bring great comfort in the care of my computer. I can breathe easier every day knowing that this program updates frequently and prevents things from getting in my computer. It has blocked harmful Trojans from breaking past my security wall. With this and a good malware program your computer truly can make you feel safe every time you log in. This program will scan emails, programs you download before ever opening any of them. It also warns you of harmful websites. It even helps you clean up your browser so there is no harmful stuff there lurking in the background. I have used many antivirus programs in the past but by far this is my favorite . I have been using it for almost 10 years now and wouldn’t change for anything. Also you can connect your devices like your tablet or cell phone to it so you can control what you need when you need it. Another program that works good for the less savvy computer owners yet just as advanced for the ones who are advanced at computers.

I really do hope these two programs get more notice in the future because I truly believe they are the way of the future. I can honestly say when I leave my computer on and connected to the internet all night. I truly feel safe with these two programs working in the background keeping me safe. They also do not lag my computer by any means which makes it easy to still surf the net or play games without them hurting me in the least.

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