Superstitions about black cats.

Black cats syndrome
Superstitions about black cats.

Whenever it comes to cat adoption preferences there are a lot of people who don’t want anything to do with black cats. It’s a proven fact that these felines oftentimes get overlooked at the local shelter. In fact, some shelters will actually euthanize black cats upon intake. There are many reasons why these cats aren’t adopted nearly as much as other cats are.

Bad luck

A lot of people automatically think of “bad luck” whenever they think of these cats. However, the only real difference between these cats and any other cat is that they have a little more melanin in their skin. Even a breed that has recessive genes can give birth to a black cat. Nevertheless, we’ve all heard the superstitions about black cats. Black catsThis is actually silly when you think about it, especially since in some countries (e.g. Asia, Egypt, the U.K.) they’re actually considered to bring about good luck. In fact, in both Great Britain and Ireland people believe that they can bring good luck. This simply demonstrates how much this supernatural reputation has changed since the fifteenth century. Of course, there are still some people who think that black cats are social misfits simply because of their color or lack of it.

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Unfortunately, what isn’t a myth is how many of these cats get passed by when someone is searching for a cat to adopt. In fact, black cats are half as likely to be adopted as cats of other colors. The only thing that sets them apart from the cats that are getting adopted are their color, which isn’t what most cat adoption preferences call for.

Whenever black cats are kept in a poorly lit shelter setting they’re difficult to see. They’re also much more difficult to photograph because it’s more challenging to read their expressions since they don’t have really defined eyebrows. So, if you’re at the local shelter and your cat adoption preferences are for a black cat, you really should ask the staff to take it out of its cage and bring it into a better lit area. This will help you see the sparkle that’s there in this cat’s eyes and it will also accentuate their sleek lines, which aren’t very easily seen in a dark cage. It will also help you to see that their temperament isn’t any different from other cats, running the from playful and friendly to lazy lap cats.

All of this is quite unfortunate but it does go to show that people really do have cat adoption preferences that are difficult to overcome. While these things are slowly being overcome, it’s sad to say that it’s taking several centuries to get to the point that we’re at today and still many black cats simply get overlooked (or even euthanized) by the local animal shelter. The one thing that people still need to realize love knows no size nor color. These cats really do make great companions even though they’re blacked. Hopefully it won’t take another century to learn that this isn’t an important part of cat adoption preferences.

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