The Card Wars episode of Adventure Time and Card Wars App.

The Card Wars

The Card Wars episode of Adventure Time and Card Wars App.

Ever since the “Card Wars” episode of Adventure Time aired, many of us have found ourselves impatiently pacing our living rooms day after day waiting for the chance when we too could play that offbeat game ourselves. Well friends, the time has finally come!

If you have not yet heard of the show, Adventure Time is currently one of Cartoon Network’s most successful cartoons. The show entails the adventures of Finn and his friend Jake, a magical dog who talks, as they save princesses from the Ice King and go on quests. Far from being a kid’s show, Adventure Time holds a captivated audience of all ages. The cartoon is rife with intelligently off-the-wall humor, time warps, and imaginative characters.

But hold on to those mathematical pants of yours, folks. The Adventure Time fun does not end after 4:30. Friends, family, and countryman can all now take part in Card Wars, the notorious game that Finn and Jake play in the show to determine who truly is the “cool guy” and who is in fact the “dweeb.” This time, however, everyone gets to be the “cool guy.”

The card game

Card Wars comes in two forms. The first is a physical set of cards that you can buy online. There are two collectible card sets, each with two decks a piece – four decks in total. Therefore, you only need to buy one box in order to have two decks for one-on-one battle fun, but why stop there? Why not buy them all? After all, how can you choose between the Finn vs. Jake box and the BMO vs. Lady Rainicorn box? As a note for the enthusiasts out there who are spilling coffee out of their Lumpy Space Princess mugs thinking, “What?! Only four decks?” There are also a plethora of booster packs to choose from as well. If you are looking for a gift for the Adventure Time fan in your life, this collectible card set is a no-brainer.

The Card Wars app

NOBU - Direct to Cart - 125x125If a physical card game is not your style or your trading card budget simply does not have room for Adventure Time, then try the app. The Card Wars app is downloadable for $3.99 in the iTunes App store and $0.99 on Google Play.

The Card Wars app offers that same vivid card game experience that we all dreamed about ever since we first saw Finn and Jake play it on TV. The gameplay is just as vivid and creative. When you activate a card, the character comes to life right before you on the board to do battle. Forget just Adventure Time, this live action feature is what card games have been promising us for decades now but have failed to deliver. Finally, Card Wars is the answer.

The rules of the game itself are uniquely simple. The app guides the player through these rules seamlessly, making it easy to pick up the game from your first play. Still, Card Wars has the potential for more complex games as you progress further on your “quests.” The further you go on your quest, the more characters you will get to play against. Defeat them and you can earn more powerful cards and even get the chance to play as them – because who doesn’t want to play as Marceline, right?

The fun does not end there either. If you ever get bored of going on quests, you can also customize your deck, craft new cards, or even deck your deck online to duel with other players around the world.
To say that I have overhyped this game is an understatement. The Cards Wars game is definitely worth more then the measly couple of dollars they are charging for it. I have been playing it for longer than I am willing to admit, and I have yet to uncover all of its secrets. Come battle! Let the games begin!

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