Ceiva Digital Picture Frame Review

Ceiva Digital Picture Frame Review

Ceiva Digital Picture Frame Review.

There are so many different kinds of digital picture frames on the market these days. Now, the question is which one to choose. I have a digital picture frame from a company named Ceiva. It isn’t like anything else I have ever seen on the market before. Let me tell you what is unique, as well awesome about this digital frame from Ceiva. They aren’t any more expensive than the ones from most famous companies, yet have more options. What would you say if I told you that you can connect with your friends and families frames, so you can always send the updated pictures right into their frame? That is exactly what you can do. You can do many ways of doing this, you can send by cell phone to the person’s album, or you can send by email; either one. When this happens every day, your family updates the frame; it will automatically send them to their frame.

No more having to send your family pictures through the mail for the holidays, or email. Nope, now they can have them in their home when they wake up. All you have to do is pay a monthly fee for a picture plan but with that plan all you do is trade pictures back and forth to your friends and family as well as you can also have an app on it as well.
You can get funny pictures or calendars, or even other stuff like horoscopes and such all updated every day when your frame updates. You can also change the front cover of the frame so whether you want a wood looking frame, or black and sleek with a more modern look you can do this with this frame. You can also get accessories like a remote too. Now, how about you go on a vacation around the world, and no matter where you are you can send pictures home to your frame without losing them. Also you have an album that stays online, holds your pictures, which you can take off your frame anytime you want, yet still stay in the album for safe keeping.

You can have an unlimited amount of photo storage and with a picture plan you have a lifetime warranty on your frame no matter what happens they will replace it. Register at Everbuying, get $50 Coupons for Your Savings!As long as you have a Wi-Fi connection where your frame is, it will update several times a day or you can set it to only update when you want or you can manually click to update as well.
I love this frame and it really is the best I have ever seen. You can have as many people as you want connected to your frame and have as many pictures sent to you as your friends and loved ones want to. You can also set up when your pictures go to the frame, so if you have outgoing pictures you can set them to send instantly, or send them at a later time. This is the perfect gift for any holiday and it is a gift that will continue to give for all time for many years to come.

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