Do Binaural Beats Really Work?

Do Binaural Beats Really Work?

Brainwave entrainment: binaural beats

For those of you who have never heard of binaural beats, also known as brainwave entrainment, I will give you a quick overview. Basically, binaural beats are two coherent sounds of frequencies which are almost similar but not exactly the same.  When these two frequencies come together they cause a sensation in your brain that affects your brain pattern whenever you listen to them with headphones (stereo headphones are encouraged but regular headphones/ear buds will do). Once the brain gets engaged with the clashed tones and frequencies it produces a third sound called a binaural beat.

If you were to listen to binaural beats for the first time it would seem like you are listening to meditation music that gives results relatively quick. That takes us to the next point.  Some binaural beats are simply for putting you in different states: theta, delta, beta, etc. You can use them to relax yourself, focus, strictly for meditating, or yoga.
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If you are anything like me then you’d find some binuaral beats for more advanced and life changing purposes such as prophetic dreams (more on that later), higher confidence, communicate with your guardian angel, access past lives, achieve your goals, open chakras,  astral project, get smarter, master a skill, higher IQ, and so much more.  Binaural beats seem to work based on the fact that your brain waves  are affected and the mind slows down causing you to relax thus putting you in a meditative state. You are supposed to meditate listening to binaural beats but its not necessary.  Also, some binaural beats come with positive affirmations and solfeggio tones (which are known for healing in meditation). Maybe those three are the key to success when listening to binaural beats to get results.

The main rule when listening to binaural beats is that you need to listen to them with studio headphones. The rule changed when newer and advanced technology regarding speakers meant that you don’t really need to wear headphones all of the time but the best results happen when you do wear them. Also, you should not drive or operate machinery when listening because of the state that the frequencies put you in.  To get the absolute full effect you need to listen to binaural beats at least twenty-one days and try not to stop listening even if you do get results.

AliExpress by Alibaba.comNow on to my experience: After I researched binaural beats thoroughly I decided to give it a try. I did seek other people’s reviews and advice before trying this but I really wanted to see if this worked myself so I chose a purpose that I knew wasn’t too hard to accomplish but seemed realistic so I gave prophetic dreaming a try. I listened to the brainwave entrainment subliminal audio with the positive affirmations and started meditating. The first day trying this out was a test drive. A friend told me not to expect results the first week so I kept listening every day. I didn’t listen to the audio twenty-one days straight mostly because I forgot to listen some days. I honestly believe that I listened to the audio for about fifteen days before I started having dreams. The interesting part was that before listening to the audio I didn’t dream when I sleep, not that I could remember. If I did have dreams when I slept before then it was like two dreams a year. After listening to binaural beats for prophetic dreaming I have had more dreams than I can count.

My advice for anyone wanting to have prophetic dreams is this: please hire a dream interpreter and make sure that this is what you want. Some of my dreams are the most unexpected dreams ever and sometimes you do dream about other people. It just happens. Now based on everything I said do you believe that what you can achieve is all in the subconscious or binaural beats really work? You tell me.

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