Dracula Untold Movie Review

Dracula Untold Movie Review

Dracula Untold Movie Review.
Untold story of Prince Vlad.

I recently got a chance to see the new movie, Dracula Untold, and wanted to share my thoughts in this review about the movie. First of all; I have loved Dracula as far back as Bela Lugosi. I was stoked on watching this movie, just like every Dracula movie that has come out over the years. My boyfriend and I went to watch this movie with an open mind. Due to its story is supposed to be much more different than any other. It even tells the story of Vlad before he became a vampire.

You really get to understand how he feels and why he chose the path he did. He was a prince but his wife and son were for him everything. You could really tell, he loved them more than anything. Even at a point where he had to turn his son over to another kingdom, just to bring peace to his own, he chose to fight instead. It’s a beautiful story, how he chose to take any means to protect his family, as well as his kingdom. In this depiction of Dracula, yes I may not have read every book about him, but with this story I thought they should have shown him getting bit to turn. Instead he drank from a plate with the blood of the vampire that turned him.

Also another issue I had in the movie was that most vampires don’t growl. They hiss, they scream, but never growl. From the moment they first introduced a vampire into this movie I thought we were getting ready to see a werewolf with the sounds it was making in the dark cave. I hated that they did that, and the faces change and you barely see the fangs for all the scariness in the faces when they turn. I also didn’t like that in the battle scenes, with Vlad taking on an army of men on his own. It was just all dark, and you really couldn’t tell what he was doing. The fight scenes were definitely lacking a lot. I expected more from that, and yet was disappointed. As far as the other aspects of the movie beyond the story like the effects were pretty awesome. It didn’t end in a sad way, not going to say I cried, but it still sad. You really get to understand why he chose the life he did, even after losing everything he ever loved, yet still fought to be as human as he could.

The story is; if he could resist blood for 3 days, then he would go back to being mortal. I think in every way he was strong enough for that until his wife asked different of him, and he seemed to never be able to refuse her. I do give this movie a 7 out of 10 rating. Do wish it would have been better, but for all purposes it is worth seeing. Yet it’s not one I would watch over and over again though.

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