Dungeons and Dragons Table Top Review

Dungeons And Dragons Review

Dungeons and Dragons Table Top Review

I remember when I was young hearing people talking about Dungeons and Dragons and I really didn’t know what it was. I didn’t know much about it until a couple of years ago. It is a table top game that has been around since the 1960’s. I thought when I heard about it that’s didn’t sound like much fun. I mean I grew up in the world of most games you played were on a game system or on the computer. My boyfriend was the one, who sat down and explained to me how it all works. After learning from him and watching a lot of videos, I realized this is a game world that hasn’t ended. There is still a lot of people who go to Dungeons & Dragon table top game nights as well as that are big into the comic cons with it.

There are people who take it to the full extreme that will show up to play in costumes and totally get into their character even when they talk. It sounds like so much fun never tried that though. Not to mention the thought of being someone who couldn’t and doesn’t exist. Like a mage with magical powers or a cleric that can heal and so on. It is a fantasy world that is open to so many ages and captivates you as the story goes on. My boyfriend even showed me the sheets you fill out to set up your character as well as got me introduced to the dice system they use. I never imagined until going to a store for hobbies that it’s such a big world. Do you know every color dice that you can imagine and some you cannot have been made for the Dungeons and Dragons dice system?

Anyways, he also hand painted me a Dungeons and Dragons and character I wanted since I wanted to be a vampire. So you get your character that reflects you, your sheet on your person and then you get into the game. The story based off the DM, which is your Dungeon Master. They tell you and set the scene for the play for the night, and you go from there. Although, I have yet to play with a group of people yet, I can’t wait to try it one day. I think anyone who loves fantasy books and movies and such could really get into this game real fast and find their self-addicted. I love the world of Dungeons and Dragons now and wish I had known about it sooner.

Also since they have an online version to their game it helped me to even play that game while I was learning the table top. It’s not for everyone, but then I was able to learn the things I fought as well as the things I could do as the class I chose, and so on. Also to play Dungeons and Dragons table top depending on what addiction you choose to play, you need the books for it that gives you all the information on your class and race and so on. Can be a bit expensive, but so worth the experience of what this game can do for you. This can be a great family night game.


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