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Everyday Health Review

Everyday Health Review

I have dieted for the last 4 months now, and I stumble upon a great site, called EverydayHealth.com. So let me give you a run down. They have a calorie counter that keeps up with everything you eat and how many calories you intake a day. You can set it up with your weight, your goal weight to be, and so on. You set up your profile around you. Yes WellnessEvery time you eat a meal you just input what you ate, and it keeps track of the calorie intake. Sometimes you have to add certain food in your meal, but for the most part it has a huge amount of nourishment already listed in their data bank.

300x250 Gourmet Food AspectYou can also add exercises you do, which also runs down how much calories were burned with them. There is a fun forum of other people dieting like yourself, so you can motivate each other. You can keep track of vitamins you take and how much water you drink a day as well. It has a new break down in their site that gives you eating guidance of what you are supposed to eat for a healthier you. I have used this site for months, and can tell, it’s a great site to help lose weight.

I want to share Everyday Health Review for following reasons:

1. The difference that could annoy some people like me in general is used to be you could set your goal calorie intake for the day. Now it seems to want to put me one a 1450 calorie diet and truthfully that’s not healthy for a woman, it should be 1800 to 2000 calorie diet. I am on a 2,000 calorie diet still, but it will let me still keep up with my information, it just always says I’m over my calorie intake for the day.

2. The site also gives recipes you can make as well to have more balanced diet plan. It may not be the best site out there for everyone, but after trying many sites it is the one I come back to over and over again.

Although, I hate some of the changes they do; have the widest variety base of foods without constantly having to punch them in, as well as keeps up with all my calorie and weight loss in one place. It has its perks and negatives, but I do think the perks outweigh the bad. Also you can get newsletters through them to help you in other medical conditions as well. This same site also has listings for different drugs, other health related issues, as well as different diets and such. It is all-around great health website to get yourself on a healthy track in life, as well as a great weight in store for you and your family. Check Everyday Health out, I don’t think anyone will be completely displeased.


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