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Forsaken World Review

Forsaken World review.
Play as a vampire.

I recently started playing this new game called Forsaken World. I’m all about trying out new games online that is how I have found some great games in the past. Sadly in my book this isn’t one of them. So let me start off by telling you. I saw the trailer to Forsaken World and was caught up that there were vampires and lycans in this game. Anyone who plays MMO’s online knows there are very few games that let you play as a vampire or lycan. Although I didn’t care much about the lycan I was caught up in the chance to play a vampire. I just wish the game stood up as great as the trailer did but it failed miserably.

After I downloaded Forsaken World and went into play, I got a chance to look at the classes, and decided to be a vampire. You have to be a race of Kindred then choose vampire. The character customization is got a lot wrong with it. After how cool the game looked I was so upset that there are maybe 5 choices at all in each to make your character based on hair color, hair style and a few other perks like face shape and all. So the chances of looking original or making your character pretty epic has now been lost. Then after you make your character and you go in game well as a vampire you have a big cross on your back. Well that’s pretty lame since most vampires are either not religious, they are damned souls from hell, or the cross hurts them. So as you can see a very stupid choice for weapons.

If you wanted the traditional vampires, like I did, that drink blood and bite, then look elsewhere, because this game gives vampires magic power. I mean seriously, if I wanted to be a mage I would have chosen that. It’s what it comes out to be you have the title of being a vampire but really you’re just a mage. You get a decent looking outfit, but sad part is everyone is running around in the exact same outfit. Now, I’m kind of used to that in MMO’s to a point but when it seems everyone all chose the vampire well now it’s got even more stupid. The game play is like most of the fantasy games like Rift and such I have played, so wasn’t hard to catch on to the keys and stuff. I do think it is more play based off of Aion though.

This game just leaves such a bad taste in my mouth, I can’t stand it. As for they make vampires also healers seriously? I mean most vampires kill and move on in this game they heal themselves and allies by in taking blood that they never drink they just vaporize it to themselves. This game would be better off just taking the vampires out of the game and being a normal fantasy game. I know, most of my Forsaken World review is about the vampire class, the reason why, is because as far as your main characters like your warrior and mage I really didn’t see anything different than they are in most games so they are fine in my book. I just think if a game is going to touch something like vampires that most games don’t have then they should put more thought into them.

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