Game Booster Review. Speeding Up Your Gaming Experience

Game Booster Review

Game Booster Review.
The best way to speed up computer.

I’m a major gamer, and recently I was told about Game Booster, a cool program to help my gaming experience run a little bit smoother. I don’t have a gamer computer so I was definitely on board with this idea. Game Booster takes a lot of your programs that your computer starts up with in the background and quieting them while you play.
This makes your processor not run so hard when playing your favorite games. Well, I was a bit skeptical at first, but after using it the past couple weeks I can tell a difference. I just get on my computer turn it on gaming mode and jump right into my game. It cuts down on the lag I have sometimes in online games. Now granted not all but it does help and it even shows you how much it frees us so there is no guessing game if it is even working. When you are done gaming you just switch the game booster back to normal mode and you are all good.

It does have a few flaws mainly one that I have found. That is, if you’re gaming for long hours you will probably have to refresh it a couple times by going from gaming mode back to normal then back to gaming mode again. This isn’t too big of a deal but can be irritating if you forget because it will get to a point your game starts slowing down again like you aren’t running it.
I know a lot of friends that use this program these days, and we all think the same. It is a free program, so why not try it out. I mean, don’t expect a major difference but when you’re gaming as long as me and my friends do online, you need any push you can get to prevent quiet as much lag. Ain’t nothing like playing get a lag spike and now you are dead in your game. Like I said it has made a difference in my gaming experience and I’m thankful to have found out about this game booster.

Also for games not played online with other players I think the game still runs smoother. It may just be all in my head but my other offline games seem to have issues ever running when I have the game booster on. They start faster than they used to and for the ones that have to load the load time is faster. I think with the game booster freeing up space it makes your computer work less than what it had to when pulling any game even if it is offline games. It takes the tough job off the processor to the point, and I’m sure my processor is happy I found this program as well. Anyways so if you are an avid gamer or even like to play games just to yourself then check out getting the game booster. What do you got to lose?


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