How to shop on Black Friday

How to shop on Black Friday

Shopping tips.
Know how to shop on Black Friday.

Black Friday has become one of the biggest shopping time of the year with the best sales. Granted, no one wants to wait outside of stores in the cold for hours, waiting for the stores to open, yet some people still do it. Now online stores and a lot of department stores online are not only offering Monday Madness, known as a Cyber Monday, like they did before, but they are also offering Black Friday and even early Black Friday Deals. I know firsthand, the last couple years I have been shopping on Black Friday online and have saved a lot of money by waiting until then to do my Christmas shopping. I just bought last year a $160 digital camera for $55. That is such a deal I kept coming back every year.

Now the custom of going to the actual stores can be fun, but sadly very dangerous. Every year you hear more and more incidents, due to someone bought the last of something someone wanted. Or someone got things stole right out of their car due to the same issue. It has gotten petty and childish, yet online all that danger goes away. Some people prefer more of a touch to feel when buying so the stores are definitely the way to go.

I live in a small town, and would have to drive about an hour to get to good stores and then have to be there early in the morning. Well that isn’t worth my travel to me. So why not save gas and shop online? Not to mention the deals you already get in the store, but a lot of sites will let you use coupons as well, so you might even save more money.
Black Friday can make your money go so much further that is for sure. A lot of people buy Christmas presents through the year, or last minute. USA, LLCI myself will buy here and there when I can, but anything that’s pricey I’ll wait to buy at Black Friday sales. So no matter how long your shopping list is, why not try and save it off until Black Friday, and find out for yourself how much you can buy for how little. Also even your high priced items like stereos, televisions, and computers are even marked way down. You can get sales for anywhere from 10% off all the way up to 50% and 60% off depending on the store. Even the small stores do sales these days. Some of our local little mom and pop stores even try to keep up with the hype and put sales of some kind on during Black Friday.

I would say, if you are planning to do the stores for Black Friday just a warning; bundle up tight and stay warm as well as make sure to get there way before the stores are open. Online Black Friday shoppers, keep in mind, most starts at 6am, but some start as early as midnight to 3am. Good luck and stay safe.

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