IncrediMail Review

IncrediMail Review.
Make your email personal and fun.

I have used this program called IncrediMail for almost 6 years now and I just love it. I want to share with you this great invention. If you love to send email a lot, or you need to with work or school, why not spice it up a little? Maybe add some tweaks to your email and make it is exciting or unforgettable. New 3D Artists Start HereWell now you can with this great program. I use it for business, as well as personal and I even get some fun responses from companies I work with, how cute my emails are and make them smile. Why not really send a virtual smile through an email or what about if you could have a sweet little puppy picture in your email? Well, with IncrediMail you can.

It is a free program and I have never paid for it, yet. I mean you can pay for certain skins and such that you can’t get any other way but it never changes how this program works for you whether free or not. You not only can change your skins of your application but you can also change each individual email to each person with different backgrounds. You can download the backgrounds and skins from their website most are free. LaptopBatteryExpress.comAlso you can have a notifier of your choice to let you know when you have mail. These can also be found on the site. I have a little sheep that comes out and bahs at me every time I get email and he is just so cute. There are so many perks to this email application and so much better than your old school outlook express or other programs that just look so plain.

Download IncrediMail from iTunes Store. Molto – Email App for Gmail, Yahoo!, Aol., POP3, from Incredimail – Perion Network Ltd.

You can connect a lot of accounts into one program so you get your email from your provider emails as well as Gmail. So far it doesn’t work for Yahoo and AOL, though the pop 3 never works on those free programs but if you pay for it you should be fine. It doesn’t pull much in the background on my computer so it doesn’t lag me down when I’m doing other things. Also you can change your font, as well as your signature. You can hold friends in your address book. Save files into your own folders in your program. It has a built in clock and you can set your email to check every so often I keep mine on every 5 minutes myself. Sometime sit glitches but don’t think it’s the program think, it’s the pop 3 server it connects to that gets hiccups once and a while.

Now one bad thing and I always hated this is if it gets uninstalled then you lose everything on it. Everything saved is now deleted that is why when I use Gmail I set it to save all my emails in Gmail as well as Incredimail wish my provider email allowed that but sadly it doesn’t so if windows crashes, or you uninstall and it isn’t on something like Gmail that will back up your emails, you will lose your stuff. I have had that happen 3 times and I hated it took me awhile to get back everything. But just take that as a warning when setting yours up to back up elsewhere as well. Other than that hoe you give it a try.

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