Alternative keyboard options available for iPhone

Keyboard options for iPhone.

Alternative keyboard options available for iPhone.

Most iPhone users are probably already aware that there are a variety of alternative keyboard options available on their iPhone, incidentally my favorite is the Japanese board that has built-in emoticons.

Many people, however, do not know that there is also a smorgasbord of downloadable keyboards available on the app store, from practical keyboards to ridiculous keyboards. I have listed the top three that I use below.


This is the app that will unlock your texting experience. I used to think that flexibility in keyboard options was reserved only for Android owners, and that I would just have to stifle my dreams like a good boy and enjoy what Apple gave me. For a long time I managed to plod along, content to endure with my limited texting experience. Then SwiftKey came out of nowhere and changed everything. Don’t think I’m being over dramatic here. 300x250 Free ShippingThe biggest things can come from the smallest changes. Using SwiftKey as my native texting keyboard, I have the option to not just tap in the usual way, but now I can swipe-text like some finger sliding ice dancer. My texting speed has gone through the roof with just this feature alone! I also have the option of not typing at all. Instead, I can use the word suggestions that appear at the top of my keyboard as SwiftKey supplies the most likely options. This feature improves as SwiftKey becomes accustomed to my word choices, or so I have been told. I haven’t noticed much development in this area yet, but I have only been using the keyboard for a couple of weeks now. SwiftKey has literally and drastically changed how I use my phone. In fact I am even writing this very article on my iPhone with Swiftkey, which is something I never would have done before now because it was too tedious. Now it’s actually kind of fun. Like I said earlier, sometimes the smallest things can cause the biggest changes. SwiftKey is one of those things.

SwiftKey Keyboard: download for free on the Apple app store.


Ever since the dawn of the cat video and picture messaging, GIFs have become a central way for communicating with the ones we love. There are a lot of GIF keyboards out there these days, but Popkey is my favorite. LaptopBatteryExpress.comYou may be wondering to yourself what a GIF keyboard actually is, and I assure you, the concept is just that. With Popkey every key on your keyboard becomes a category of expression: happy, excited, disappointed, sad, funny, etc. Select a category, and then each key becomes a GIF option.
You may be thinking, how often will I actually use this? The answer is all the time. Popkey is so easy it’s addictive. I’ve even used Popkey while texting my grandmother, but that’s not saying too much. She is one of the more tech savvy members of my family.

PopKey Animated GIF Keyboard – Add Funny GIFs, LOL memes & stickers to conversations – Get it free on iTunes.
WorkshopX Inc.


Signup forms. Signup forms. Signup forms. The Internet is literally full of them. You encounter them every day, and they can be a drag even for those really awesome things that you are using them to sign up for. Kuaiboard is here to help us annex this necessary evil to the realm of time not wasted. Save 10-50% on computers & electronicsKuaiboard is a keyboard with sets of automated entries for you to copy and paste. This tool is suited to help not only with those pesky new account forms but also with any other automated or overused response that you find yourself needlessly typing out hour after hour, day after day. That same email you get from your coworker every day? Use Kuaiboard. Repetitive data entry? Use Kuaiboard. An obligatory LOL to the excessive amount of GIFs your grandmother keeps sending you on Popkey? I think you get the idea.

KuaiBoard – Type text. Quicker. – Get it on iTunes for $1.99.
Kevin Wolkober

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