Reading for the Future. Kindle Unlimited Review.

Kindle Unlimited: Reading For The Future

Kindle Unlimited Review.

I recently found about a new program called Kindle Unlimited, that is brought to you by Amazon. Nowadays people have Kindle’s or they just have a computer at home, but either way reading books through digital devices has become the next big thing. Now don’t get me wrong I miss the smell of books and feel and such but I live in a small town, so this helps me get books I may never get to read any other way.

Kindle Unlimited: Reading for the Future.My best investment was about 3 years ago buying the 6 inch kindle. I buy books I keep them and read them and have a little library going on that none of my libraries carry. Well now they got this program that helps out even more. So normally you go to the site and find a book you want and you pay anywhere from $.99 to $15.00 or so depending on how new it is and who the author is and such. So their program they have is a simple $9.99 a month and you get access to thousands of books with one fee a month how great is that.

Enjoy unlimited access to over 600,000 titles & thousands of audiobooks for $9.99 a month.

So me and my mom got to try them out with a free trial as everyone can try them out no risk for 30 days no charges. In that month you get to read as many books as you want depending on how fast of a reader you are I guess. Anyways with that you can check out 10 books at a time, when done you return it and get a new book, almost like checking out at the library. If for any reason you choose to cancel the 10 books you have on your kindle when you cancel are yours to keep no questions asked. If you don’t have a kindle however you can still use this program through Kindle Cloud which lets you read right on your computer, however you don’t keep any books when the program is over with that feature.

This is a great program and I have found so many books I just can’t wait to read. This is a special deal, because it’s a flat rate to read a lot of books. Now granted there are still books not part of this that you may still want to buy, but hey why not get as much for your money if you can if you’re an avid reader.
I have never had any issues with Kindle or Amazon for that matter I find them to be a trusted company so I did my homework on all this before even signing up by talking to several customer service agents. I do love that with their trial they meant it they aren’t like most, who take a dollar from your account or take the amount out of your checking account hold for a couple days and put it back no they actually don’t touch anything and you can sign up just using your account you already have with Amazon. Check Kindle Unlimited out, I think it is a great idea and a great plan.

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