Listening to podcast; Podcasts for Nerds of Every Variety.

Listening to podcast

Listening to podcast;
Podcasts for Nerds of Every Variety.

If you have not heard of the Nerdist, let me be the first to introduce you. Nerdist is an online blog whose name, I think, easily explains the content and the demographic – though, Nerdist is “Nerd” broadly defined. I’m sure just about anybody can find a home for their inner nerd at the Nerdist, which is why I am writing to you today. I have recently taken to a nasty (and by nasty I mean really really fun) habit of listening to podcasts everywhere I go. I tune into a podcast anywhere, whether I’m walking to class, grocery shopping, or waiting on the bus. Listening to podcasts has dramatically improved my attitude toward these typically mundane tasks, and Nerdist is the reason that I am hooked.

The Nerdist has a large variety of podcasts to choose from. Listed below are my favorites, which I download and listen on the Overcast app. You can download a free version of Overcast on the Apple app store, or you can always use the app built-in to your iOS. It’s also just as easy to download podcasts onto your computer and listen to them at work or put them in your mp3 player. The possibilities are endless! I just like some of the extra audio quality features that Overcast offers.

Writer’s panel

I am a big enthusiast of writing (couldn’t you tell?) so it comes as no surprise that a podcast about writing would make it into this list. The Nerdist podcast The Writer’s Panel, however, knocks off now than just one category off of my list of favorite things. The panel of writers interviewed in each episode write for TV shows, which adds a new dimension to one of my favorite past times (Netflix binging)

When this podcast is not interviewing TV writers, it is featuring comic book writers. My favorite episode of the show includes one of these features where they interviewed different artists and writers for Batman over past several decades.

Indoor kids

This is the podcast that got me back into listening to podcasts. I discovered it by accident when looking up a video of one of my favorite comedians Kumail Nanjiani. The podcast is a show that he and his wife Emily Gordon produce together. If you are not in to video games, this podcast is not for you. The indoor kids covers everything video games, from the very latest releases to retro nostalgia that you wish you hadn’t forgotten about. Yes, be prepared to have the burning desire to waste an afternoon searching in your parents attic for that old Super Nintendo. For those console loyalists out there, don’t worry. Every platform is present in one episode or another. Each episode comes in the form of fun off-the-cuff interviews with other comedians, games, and game creators.

You made it weird

This is the podcast that sealed the deal, both with my love for Nerdist podcasts and with my podcast habit in general. The show is hosted by another one of my favorite comedians, Pete Holmes. The podcast usually includes, but is not limited to, Pete Holmes’ interviews with other comedians.The “weird” part of the show comes from one of the main questions asked at the end of the show: what do you think happens when we die? Free Shipping only at WirelessEmporium.comThis question, unfortunately avoided so often in everyday conversations, taps into the rich inner story of the people on the show. It unveils a more personal side to the celebrities that we may put on a pedestal. They have stories just like anybody else, and we find by listening to them that the human experience is remarkably common (or should I say commonly remarkable) even in the diverse individual forms that it may take.

Mutant season

This is the podcast for everyone. I don’t care who you are. In this Nerdist podcast 12 year old Gil interviews really cool people and asks them whatever is on his mind. These interviews are unlike any other you’ll hear in a podcast because how many podcasts do you listen to that are run by 12 year Olds? The quality of the podcast is still on point. Gil knows what he is doing.

I could write about how the podcast could renew your childlike sense of wonder, but it’s just fun in its own right. No ulterior motives necessary. Give it a listen!

These podcasts just so happen to feature some of my favorite things.
Whether you need something for your daily commute, for unwinding while you cook supper, or just something to fall asleep to at night, you might just find what you are for in one of these podcasts… Or all of them.

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