Marvel Heroes Squad Online Game Review.

Marvel Heroes Squad

Marvel Heroes Squad Online Game Review.

I want to captivate all the Marvel fans out there. There are some really great games in the Marvel Universe these days and I want to touch base with one I have been playing a couple years now. It is called Marvel Heroes Squad Online. It was set up as a kid game but I have found that when there was no other Marvel game out there it made this game worth wild in playing. It has a lot of pluses to it yet for adults it can be overly repetitive as well. So let me tell you about this game and maybe you will give it a try too.

The pluses of playing this game as an adult is, you don’t have to worry about chatting with people when most of the chat system is blocked, so kids don’t get in trouble and all. No harassment while enjoying the game.
Marvel Heroes Squad Another great thing is, you used to have to be a subscriber to get cool characters which I used to be as well now on the other hand just from playing the game you collect fractals and that is how you can buy some of your favorite characters. I have over 70 characters of my own all of my favorites and some that I learned to love along the way. Another great thing is the missions are easier maybe not to the point they are too easy cause I have died a lot in them, but still not the hardest things either but they still give you a run for your money. They have a wide variety of marvel characters and still coming out with more every day. Every time a Marvel movie comes out it seems to make its way into the game so you can experience the feel of that movie.

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So the downfalls of this game are even in their upgrades of their games there is only 4 towns you can go to for dailies and playing around in. That is a downfall but I guess not for kids. You do have sometimes have kids that will follow you around and won’t stop following you, can be a bit annoying but they really can’t do anything to your character or you. There is only so many missions you can do and after you have done them all you have to keep repeating them to gain things in game like your fractals and all. It becomes so repetitive that sometimes after a couple months of playing this you have to step away awhile and come back later. That is what I have had to do several months at a time.

All in all this is a good game but don’t expect a lot from it as an adult playing it due to it is for kids. Although if you have children that love to play games then this is a perfect game for them to play without you worrying about them talking to strangers or getting caught up in something they shouldn’t/ My niece plays this game and she loves it. Does keep her attention sometimes longer than mine so it proves its point for a kid’s game, but I do recommend checking it out even with your friends that you can play together with.


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