Novica Review

Novica Review.
Handmade goods from around the world.

The last couple years for birthdays and Christmas I have been falling back to one site that I love. It is called Novica. This is a site that puts customers like you in touch with true artisans that make hand crafted things from around the world, and sell in one place for you to buy. new_logo 250x250_1I love this site, because you can search by price range, or even by country of what you would like. Then once you have done that, then when you find something you like you can read about the artist. So, not only do you get a unique crafted item, but you get to find out what makes this artist tick and choose what they make.

I have bought many things from Novica, especially since my mom loves things from overseas. I can honestly tell you, I haven’t found any flaws in the items I have gotten yet. Granted shipping is about 2 weeks for most items you get whether time for them making it as well as shipping from overseas to the United - Click Here! They also have a gift finder, so you know you can find the right thing for your loved ones. Novica not only sells things like jewelry and clothes, but also has so many things, that are beautiful to have in your home as well. If you want a hint of another culture in your home, then why not get it from the country it made. The prices are not outrageous, which really surprised me, especially with shipping things to me, in the United States, I thought would cost me the most. This site keeps that in mind when they think about their customers as well as their creators.

They make their site easy to navigate around, and find just what you need. After you purchase something, it keeps in your past buys so you can buy it again at a later date. You can also gain dollars to use within the site just by being a valued member, who buys a lot of under $50 Oh, and I forgot to mention they even sell things for men as well as women, so it’s a one stop shop for the holidays to buy for your whole family. I do hope others pass the word around about Novica, because I love this site and love that I now can know the artist that makes my items. Also when you get the packages they will even send you a post card from the country they are in as well as a thank you from the artist themselves. How personal can you get there? It is my favorite touch.

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