Once Upon A Time by Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz.

Once Upon A Time show

Once Upon A Time…
Television At Its Best

With all the new television shows out this day who can really keep up. Entertainment it at it’s highest right now it seems. So let me tell you about a show that quickly became my favorite that I just don’t think gets enough hype. The show is called Once Upon A Time it is backed by Disney and created by Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz.

Once Upon A Time on AmazonIt started back in 2011 and has been going strong it is now on its 4th season coming up in September. It is a show that takes all your loved Disney tails that you loved as a child and gives them all a twist. So whether growing up you loved Cinderella or Snow White or even Sleeping Beauty all these characters are in this one show.

The show can be dark at times and then it can also be very magical and romantic. So far they have taken us to Neverland, Storybrook, Enchanted Forest and beyond our wildest imaginations. So whether you’re in it for the tails or for the magic or even just for the love stories it doesn’t disappoint in any of those. It even goes into back stories of each character letting you understand why they are who they throughout the story line which I love. It gives your favorite characters life beyond what we have ever known them to have. Like it will show you how it was for Snow White to grow up with an evil stepmother or Cinderella how she got her glass slippers not from a fairy godmother but from someone much darker.
The first season sets place in all the beloved fairy tail characters we love getting put into a curse and thrown in the world we know. They are stripped of all their memories and only the savior which is Snow White & Prince Charming’s daughter can save them all. They live in Storybrook a town with no time frame because the curse has frozen them in time with no escape. This story line caught me from day one and I’m so glad I stuck with it because it has gone way past what I would have every expected in a show.


It is a show that has touched some of the biggest age gaps due to who really ever grows out of those beloved stories we all grew up with. Not to mention none of the actresses and actors are hard on the eyes to look at either. They definitely picked a very good looking cast to give that extra edge to our characters we love. They even have had a spin off once it didn’t last long but that’s only because it wasn’t as well rounded as Once upon A Time but it was called Once upon A Time In Wonderland. This show is a must see and I do believe whether you still have that kid side in you or you love magic and romance and just things a bit unusual then you will still love this show so why not check it out it is on television on Sunday’s at 8pm and it starts back September 28th.

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