Orange Glad; box of gourmet sweets and snack every month.

Orange Glad Review

Orange Glad; box of gourmet sweets and snack every month.

With Christmas just right around the corner I’m still researching out companies to buy stuff from. I love to shop online, so when I find a company, I love to keep going back to them. I recently got in with a company called Orange Glad. This is a different kind of company, but great for either yourself, or a holiday gift. You pay a membership fee of $20 every month to receive a package. Beer of the Month ClubWith that membership fee, every month you will receive a box full of gourmet sweets. It can range from cookies, to cakes and other sweets at their best. It’s a unique and fun way to express your love for your loved ones, whether it’s for a birthday, Christmas, or just because you can.

The great thing I love about this is that you don’t know what you’re getting, nor will they. So it is a surprise, no matter what, but you can bet, it’s all sweets. Who doesn’t love sweets, especially at the Holidays? You can also pay a little more, and get double the sweets in the box. They also work with corporate companies as well. This company has thought of it all, and every holiday. They also have gift boxes you can just buy for someone too, if you don’t want the surprise. I on the other hand, love the surprise part to it the most. It is what makes this Orange Glad very interesting to me.

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Orange Glad also usually running some kind of sale, or percent off on your orders, so that makes it even better. Could you imagine a company, where you can get free treats in your mail for a year? Well I just found it in Orange Glad. I’m sure anyone would agree after trying these sweets that you get you would be sold, I know I am. These are not cheap sweets either you can tell, they are the best of the best. International Wine of the Month ClubI have had it for 3 months and haven’t had anything I didn’t like yet. Also they send cards of what the item exactly is in the box, and the name of the site it came from. So if there is something in one of your boxes you just want more of, you can go to the site of the company and order it.

How neat is that, so whether you just enjoy from Orange Glad every month, or you learn new companies to buy more sweets, from both make this a gift that will continue to keep on giving. It is a way to put a smile on someone’s face for any occasion from the moment they open the box. Oh, and no gift wrapping needed, the boxes they come in is ever so cute. So no matter what you’re looking for this year make Orange Glad be on your list of ideas.

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