Read faster with ReadQuick!

Read faster on your iPad or iPhone with ReadQuick!

Read faster with ReadQuick.
Speed-reading app review!

How to read faster? With social networks now so saturated with article after article of interesting content, it can be difficult for any reasonable person to keep up. Reading on your iPhone when you are on the go could be a solution, but most iPhone apps for reading can be slow, difficult to see, and often obscured by ads.

If you are looking for an easier and quicker way of attacking that overwhelming queue of blog posts and articles on your iPhone or even your iPad, look no further than ReadQuick. ReadQuick is a simple speed reading app that you can download on your iPad or iPhone with an easy to use interface and minimalist appearance. While there are a lot of other speed-reading apps available in the App Store, ReadQuick is without a doubt the best option available.

In my search for finding a better way to read on my iOS devices I have tried many other speed-reading apps like Flash Reader and SpeedReader, but none have been so easy to use and have so improved my reading like ReadQuick has.

Improve your reading speed

With ReadQuick you can save your eyes the time and effort of darting up, down, and across the screen. The app presents you the article word by word at whatever speed you choose. The ability to focus at a consistent page will surely increase your reading speed from the beginning, but as you accustom yourself to the app you are likely to progress to eve faster speeds! Also, you never have to worry about stopping in the middle and losing your place. With a simple tap on the screen ReadQuick will pause the article for you and then pick back up from where you left off when you are ready to read again.

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Pocket, Readability, Instapaper

One of the most important features that sets ReadQuick apart from other speed-reading apps is the ability to connect the app to your Pocket, Readability, or Instapaper accounts. ReadQuick does this seamlessly, meaning that you do not have to go looking for your articles again. It’s all already there! ReadQuick also provides its own curated content from sources like Macworld, Talking Points Memo, Longreads, TechMeme, GigaOm, and others that you can also add to your queue.


The most unique feature of ReadQuick is the option to make a playlist. This is a fun and innovative idea. Maybe you have a number of articles in your queue on a specific subject. Why not take those articles and make a playlist so you can read them all together without having to return to your queue one by one to find each one? ReadQuick makes it easy for you to have complete control of not only how you read but also what you read and when. This is yet another way how ReadQuick can change the way you read on your iOS device.

Everbuying Flash Sale

ReadQuick costs $9.99 in the app store, which my be more than most people usually expect to pay for an app, but after you start using this app everyday you will not think twice about the price. One purchase will enable you to download the app on all you iOS devices.

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