rift game review

Rift game review

Rift game review. A World Of Fantasy and Fun.

Rift is a world like no other and so far in my gaming experience not like any other game either. You have an open world you get to discover with friends, or on your solo quest. There is a guardian side that fights for good and tries to do the right things, so I guess to say your good side. Then, there is the Defiance side that I would not say is evil, but they are more neutral and don’t care about others as much.

Rift game reviewThis game has an epic story that it tells you in the beginning of whichever side you choose. There is a war going on between these two, and they explain their own side and why they are fighting. It is easy to be swept away inside the story of this game and I love it. You have different classes as well as races to choose depending on what side you chose to start on. There are elves, and dwarfs as well as humans and others that you can choose from. You can also be a warrior or mage a few others to choose from. You can gain companions depending on your class that will fight along beside of you.

Phantom Rift – Foursaken Media

This being an open world anything and everything will attack you. There are areas that are set for your level, but if you choose to go outside of that you will probably die. The reason it’s called Rift is because there are 5 types of rifts in this game: Life, Water, Death, Earth, and Fire. They open up and bad things come out of them you have to kill. As you get higher in levels it will become very difficult to play alone without playing with friends or guild mates. Trust me I know this because by the time I was on level 32, I was struggling even with the best gear I could find. You will also be able to craft your own gear as well as make things and buy upgrades through the game. They have some pretty decent guilds where people will actually come to help when you need it. Although I have only played a warrior and a mage in this game seems to be all classes are so well rounded and fun to play it just depends on what you’re looking for.

As for you have a skill tree and with that you can mix and match and make your class the absolute way you want to. As your character evolves you can make them several types of characters like if you want one who deals fire magic but also want one who deals with storms and ice, you can keep your character and make another section that will switch between when you get tired of playing as one or the other. It can be fun and so much nicer than making new characters all the time. I myself think the guardian side can be much prettier than the defiance though. Also if you’re like me and have a fear of spiders then be warned, they are graphic enough, and they have given me nightmares. There are a lot of spiders in this game, like most fantasy games. All in all I don’t have anything negative to say about this game it is one of the best fantasy games out there and I recommend trying it out.


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