samsung galaxy note 3

Pass on new iPhone or Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Compare new iPhone 5S(iPhone 5C) or Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with older models

It is always great for the consumer when new products come out. For the most tech savvy people, or those with money to burn, the new iPhone or Samsung Galaxy note 3 might be “must have” items.
The reality of the situation is that they are minor upgrades on already excellent products. However, as the newest products become available, that means retailers will discount older models from companies like Samsung mobile and Apple.Chromo
If your phone is three years old, and you buy a product that has been around for six months or a year, the technology you are acquiring is vastly superior to what you have, and because you opted against spending the cash on the newest of new phones, you get a huge break in price.

It is very logical to get the new iPhone in stores with plenty of time to sell millions of them to holiday shoppers. For Samsung mobile, it is important not to get beaten to the punch and avoid being too far behind the iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Again, this benefits smart shoppers. The day that the new devices come out, the slightly older ones become less popular despite the fact that they still perform exactly as they did before the new model showed up. Because they are no longer the newest phone available, they are discounted and available to consumers at a fraction of the cost of the newest phone particularly at online retailers.

If you read about the new iPhone, and study information on the Samsung Galaxy note 3, it easy to find technologically oriented people who gush over their slightly improved cameras, bright new colors that they are available in, fingerprint scanner, and switch from plastic to leather like material on the Note. There is little doubt that the newest technology is solid and maybe even spectacular. However, the slightly older technology, the phones that have suddenly become affordable and discounted, are also excellent. How much is
Save 10-50% on computers & electronicshaving a yellow, pink, or blue phone really worth? Is a relatively tiny piece of leather instead of a plastic case a $500 investment? Surely the fingerprint scanner is cool, but haven’t we successfully used phones forever without one? Buying the new iPhone or Samsung Galaxy note 3 is more about being in the club of people that have them than is truly improving your everyday life. If you have an older model from Samsung mobile, or one of their competitors, the step up between something you’ve had for a few years and a phone released within the last 12 to 18 months will be much greater and less expensive than jumping on the latest iPhone 5.

The new products will be “old” in six months or a year. By being a consumer who is slightly behind the craze, and upgrading to a newer phone but not the latest version, you benefit by acquiring excellent and modern technology without paying a premium to be the first on your street with a pink phone or a leather case.


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