Series on Netflix. A Guide to Summer Netflix Marathons.

Series on Netflix.

Series on Netflix. A Guide to Summer Netflix Marathons.

Let’s be honest, while Summer vacation may mean fun in the sun, beach trips, and outdoor exercise, those things are more likely to be just what you will be posting to your Facebook page.

For many of us, myself included, Summer vacation means time for accidentally watching an entire series on Netflix in one sitting. For all of those readers who are willing to admit this fact, this guide will give you some essentials for catching up on the shows that you may have missed out on during the busier parts of your year.

Warning: Every show presented in this guide is highly addictive. Watch at your own risk.

House of Cards

Even if you are not one for politics, House of Cards is a must watch. I myself have never cared for political shows, but after my friend forced me into watching just one episode with him I was hooked. In reality, politics only sets the backdrop for the addictively suspenseful thrill ride that is Frank Underwood’s climb up the ladder of power. The show is full of shocking twists, that you’ll never see coming. Without a doubt House of Cards is one of the most surprising shows I have ever seen, and it is one of the first in a now successful string of Netflix original productions.


If there is a show on BBC that you should be watching right now it’s this one. Steven Moffat’s modern take on an English classic easily contends for the place of best Sherlock Holmes adaptation. While this series tells the stories of Sherlock Holmes in a modern setting, the episodes are amazingly attentive to Arthur Conan Doyle’s original books. For instance, the title of the first book in the Sherlock series is A Study in Scarlet, and the title of the first episode of the Sherlock series is “A Study in Pink.” The show is clever, suspenseful, and surprisingly fast paced. Be prepared for long episodes and short seasons. There are only three episodes in each season, but each episode is approximately 90 minutes long. Also, see if you recognize the actor that plays Watson. You might have seen him in the most recent Hobbit movies. (Hewlett-Packard)

Orange is the New Black

I bet you have heard something about this show. Orange is the New Black is the hit Netflix original adaptation of a book with same title by Piper Kerman. The series has been praised by many for its strong female characters and the important issues it raises about the realities of the American prison system. The show is certainly eye opening in more ways than one. Definitely do not watch this with your kids or parents as there will probably be some awkward moments in store for you. Otherwise, Orange is the New Black offers excitement, tragedy, and yet another example of original Netflix content that has left viewers raving.

Breaking Bad

If you missed out on this series, now is your chance. There is no day better than today. Now is your time to understand all those references in your timeline, the memes, and the porkpie hats. Now is your chance to find out who really is the one who knocks? Breaking Bad tells the story of Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher and a father of one. When Walter is diagnosed with cancer, his pride does not allow him to take the help of friends and family to pay for his chemo. Instead, Walter, desperate to support himself and his family, decides to use his chemistry prowess to make and sell meth, a decision which hurtles his character and every other character connected to him in a downward spiral that creates the anti-hero “Heisenberg.” Watch it for yourself.

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This Netflix Original is a wild card. If you like anime, giant robot battles, or intergalactic space colonies then this show is definitely for you. This is the kind of show that comes out of nowhere and surprises you for all the right reasons. I was skeptical as to whether Netflix could pull producing its own animated show, but Sidonia proves that they can. The show creates a completely different world for its setting with complex back stories and stellar animation. The show is unique, but definitely worth watching for those who are seeking a change of pace.

Even though the end of July is closing, the real start to your summer is only a click away. Give one of these shows a try. As each of these shows can be highly addictive, I recommend you only watch one at a time. That said, it is summer so do what you want! Watch them all if you want to, but remember to go outside and check to see if the sun is still there every now and again.

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