Shadow Of Revan Review: For anyone who loves Star Wars.

The Shadow Of Revan Review

Shadow Of Revan Review:
The new expansion pack of Star Wars The Old Republic.

A while back I wrote a review on Star Wars The Old Republic. Well, now there is a new game out, it is a later expansion pack that I want to talk about. This game is called Shadow Of Revan. I have really gotten a chance to immerse myself in the story that Bioware really put a lot of effort into. For anyone who loves Star Wars will love this game expansion. Let me tell you all the perks with having this game expansion. First of all; in the game before you could only go to level 55, now you can go to level 60. With that you also get two new planets to venture on as well as new clothes and gear to buy. They have changed the skill tree that is in most games these days, and changed it for a more unique way of playing your toons now, it what they call discipline tree. It is only $20 and so worth it from what I have seen all along now. I love it for the most part.

Now the first day Shadow Of Revan came out, I was thrown off by the changes, and the discipline tree is the hardest. You work so hard to get your toon the way you want it and with this new system it throws you back and you have to learn how to use your toon all over again. You have to learn what they can do and what they can’t and I hated that. It is funny though it really doesn’t take that long when you finally get over being mad that a game you love has changed. I have learned my new way to play my toon and although something I miss about the tree. I like how my toon has evolved. Then, if you get past that the story line, the moment you get in it, you get swept away. I never want to stop playing because the story has me on the edge of my seat now. The new planets are amazing; they really are quiet nice looking. I love the planet called Rishi, because it is a pirate planet island. It is funny, I was so excited Bioware were going to be doing a pirate planet, but I was so afraid they were going to mess it up. After I saw it, I can honestly say; they did it justice. It looks like something that would come out of Pirates Of The Caribbean.

They have waterfalls and green plant life, and that all so magical, I guess you could say. Then Yavin 4 the other new planet looks kind of cool too, but still not my favorite. As you go through your missions, you will get upgraded gear for you and your companions, but these aren’t worthless like I got to redo my whole toon around looking like a pirate now due to it. This game has really upped their self majorly. For all the reviews I have seen that Bioware has a habit of getting stuck in a rut and not evolving like other games well they have changed that with this game. Also another thing; the story line gives you a chance whether your imperial or republic to work alongside without the factions from one side to the other. As a bounty hunter, which I play, most I get to work alongside an imperial and a republic and you get a different perspective it is so neat. Anyways, I do hope people give this a try, it really is worth the buy, and I really do love it.

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