Smite Game Review: fighting game with favorite Greek gods.

Smite Game Review

Smite Game Review

I have always been into Greek gods and enjoyed reading about them in school, and lately I came across the game called Smite. This game is about Greek gods, as well as other gods that you play to fight. I see no real story line to this game, it is just what I said a fighting game. It isn’t a MMO but you can team up in a group with friends, and fight battles against other gods. Downloading Smite was pretty easy, and doesn’t take up a lot of graphics. Smite Game download from Amazon.comEven someone without a gamer computer can play. The Smite game gives you all the characters to choose from, and not only does it show the character when clicking on them, but it also gives them a story run down of who they are and what they do. You can also buy skins for them, so that you can change their outfit and how they look. Some skins are pretty awesome looking too.

I wish this game had my favorite Greek god Hera but sadly they don’t, but they have Aphrodite, Zeus, and Athena, plus other gods, most of us have heard about. They have some unique gods as well, like one of my favorites is Nemesis: she is the god of revenge. Each god has their own abilities whether they are melee or ranged attacks, whether they are mage or magical aspects or not. They have some pretty cool powers they can do; you just have to learn each character.

Now when you get in the game, they give you like 5 or 6 free gods that you can play as much as you want. Then there is the other gods that you actually have to purchase for money. Well, the great part is, while you’re playing the free ones, you gain these things called favors. These favors you can turn in 100 at a time to try out any character that isn’t unlocked, and rent them. This gives you an idea before putting money in the game if the character you have eyed is worth the amount, or if you like their game play.

Also all characters can be unlocked with favors, it just takes a lot of them, and a lot of game play to get enough, so you can start unlocked characters you want without putting a dime in the game. You do gain more favors from doing ops group with your friends. Although you can only team up and play with two other friends at a time. It is still pretty fun. It gives you a run down on your profile of your wins and losses, as well as any achievements you have gained along the way. Although this game can be a bit repetitive doing some of the same grounds areas over and over, and protecting your phoenix and your guardians from being destroyed. I do find this to be a game you want to play with friends; because of playing just on your own gets old quick. However, it is a game worth checking out.

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