Combine all your task-oriented apps into one.

Taco task-oriented app.

So many to-do lists, so little time.
Combine all your task-oriented apps into one.

Everyday productivity blogs are buzzing about the latest to-do list app that is now replacing what was once the latest productivity app only a few days ago. It can already be hard enough to keep up when you feel compelled to download all these new apps and to change or transfer all your processes and procedures, but how do you find that to-do list app that is just right for you? I have asked myself this same question practically a hundred time, and I have tried enough of these to-do list apps to realize that finding the perfect one for you is an impossible quest. You are not going to find it for two reasons:
1. Your life, and even the technology you use in your life, is constantly changing and evolving. One app will probably never be the end.
2. Some apps can be perfect in some circumstances but turn out to not be very convenient in others.

Apple iMac Computers In Stock! 300 x 250For instance, I like to use the iPhone app Clear to jot down quick and simple lists, like my grocery list or Christmas list; but I find Clear less suited to my needs when it comes to more complicated tasks, like writing an article or a paper. For these kinds of tasks I use Evernote, but that’s not all. I also like to use Trello to visualize and break down the big projects that I am working on. I have tried just using one of these in every situation, but I have found that all of these suit my needs in certain situations.

The problem with this method, however, is that all my thoughts, tasks, and ideas, are not in one unified place. This leads me to worry that I will forget something, lose something, or let something important slip through the cracks. This is a problem.

Just Deals

Taco is the solution.

Taco is a meta to-do list in web app form. It will combine all your to-do list and task-oriented apps into one sleek-looking list, and you can have whatever you want in your taco. Do you use: Asana, Basecamp, Bitbucket, Bugzilla, Codebase, Evernote, Exchange, GitHub Issues, Gmail, Highrise, Instapaper, JIA, Lighthouse, OmniFocus, Pivotal Tracker, Podio, Producteev, Redmine, Remember The Milk, Salesforce, Sifter, Sprintly, Teamwork PM, Tender, Things, Todoist, Trello, Unfuddle, UserVoice, or Zendesk? You can connect any or all of these to your Taco. You don’t use any of these apps? You can still use Taco! Taco also has the option of adding to your list through RSS or even a simple text file. The possibilities are endless.

Taco can suit itself to fit just about any productivity philosophy. For example, Aaron Levie’s (CEO of Box) secret to productivity is his list of 50 things, and it really is nothing special or complicated. The CEO simply keeps a list of 50 important things to take care of on a piece of paper. Having 50 issues buzzing around all at once could easily overwhelm even the most focused CEO, but having these issues all named and collected onto one single page makes them manageable. Taco can easily become your own list of 50 things.

Why should I get a Taco?

Besides the endless number of options for productive customization and organization, Taco stands out because of it’s cool design and easy to use interface. It is very easy to create an account and connect your to-do list apps. Taco also sports many elegant themes that you can choose from, or you can upload your own images. The icing on the cake is for the Chrome users. Taco’s latest feature is a chrome extension that you can download right to your browser for quick and easy access. Taco is too easy and simple to not try out so give it a go!

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