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Everblue Review

Everblue Review;
Mer Tales Book 1 by Brenda Pandos

I got a chance to read Everblue by Brenda Pandos on my kindle. Whether you choose to buy on kindle or on book form, this book is definitely a great read … Read more

Pan’s Revenge: Adventures in Neverland 2

Pan’s Revenge: Adventures in Neverland 2 book review.

Peter Pan, Like You Have Not Seen Him Before.

The Aventures in Neverland 2: Pan’s Revenge, the second book in Anna Kartmore’s series of books and the last installment. I didn’t imagine … Read more

Kindle Unlimited: Reading For The Future

Kindle Unlimited Review.

I recently found about a new program called Kindle Unlimited, that is brought to you by Amazon. Nowadays people have Kindle’s or they just have a computer at home, but either way reading books through digital devices … Read more