The Fault In Our Stars movie review

The Fault In Our Stars Movie Review

The Fault In Our Stars Movie Review.

I really think the one the movies to talk about this year is The Fault In Our Stars. It is about two star crossed lovers who fight the battles of cancer and remission. Somehow in this chaotic life they have dealt with they find each other. The Fault In Our Stars MovieIt is a very touching story and yet a very refreshing love story. It isn’t your typical love story at all because with them dying or at least possibility of dying from cancer they have hard time dealing. Their love story is based on just the time they have on earth together not knowing if each day will be their last or not. Hazel has been sick most of her childhood and truly has almost given up on life. She feels she is a burden to her parents and that they won’t know how to live without taking care of her. Gus is an optimistic boy who although in remission has learned a new outlook in life.

In this tragic love story Gus teaches Hazel how to open her mind as well as her heart and try to enjoy life to the fullest. Now I won’t lie, it is a tear jerker movie and I cried in an out through the movie just because there are moments that leaving you gasping and you’re not sure if they are going to make it through their battle or not.

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Yet again there are some really happy moments to treasure in this movie. I don’t want to give too much away in how this movie ends but I can honestly say I didn’t see it coming. The way it ended was so out of left field kind of thing. This movie gave me so many mixed emotions and that isn’t a bad thing in my book from a movie. I went from smiling in some parts to crying in others. Also the warmth you can feel between these two can help but make you all fuzzy inside. It was a very believable story that could really be based on anyone’s life.

But going into this movie the reason it is named what it is, that is because it is exactly that they are star crossed lovers and everyone knows star crossed lovers normally only get so much time together before they get ripped apart somehow. The Fault In Our Stars book from New York Times bestselling author John Green.So sad and tragic take Romeo and Juliet they were star crossed lovers. Anyways this is a must see but get your tissues ready that’s all I can say. Also this movie has some good music to it that really fits what is going on and all. For some really no known actors and actresses in my book they were really great. Normally I don’t watch a lot of movies with no big name actor or actress in it somewhere, but I’m really glad I took a chance on this movie. The only person I recognized was the man who played Hazel’s father, and he plays on true blood. Anyways don’t just take my word for it go watch this movie soon it is well worth box office prices as well as renting it or even owning it.

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