MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic review.

The Old Republic review

MMORPG Star Wars:
The Old Republic review.

I have always been a science fiction kind of girl but in the last year it has been taken to a new level. I started by watching the Star Wars movies for the first time, then found out about this game that had been online for a while now. It is called Star Wars: The Old Republic. It is a MMORPG and for those who don’t know what that means it is a Mass Multi-player Online Role Playing Game. So take all Star Wars fans and put them in one game and this is it with the luxury of making new friends as well as playing with old ones. You get both Jedi and Sith side so whether your more of a dark side kind of person or on the rebels side, you can choose your path. Although it sets place before Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker by like 3,000 years before you can make your path just like they did without being them. Choose to be yourself in this game or be anything you want with the powers of good or evil.

It is a free to play game, while some features would be better if you able to purchase a subscription, like you get money to spend in game on things every month for free. As well as you can get membership perks, like any other online game would give you. I can honestly tell you, I have been free to play player as well as preferred, and a subscriber and there are differences in each. If you choose to stay free to play you can still play the story missions to the end without one dime in game, but you do take longer due to it limits your experience points gained. But with a free to play account I got one toon to level 50 in 2 months. Now on the perk of being preferred was that I put one amount of money in the game and got more toons I could make on a server since you only start with 2. I got 6 slots as well as other perks unlocked. Although, the going rate for leveling still took me 2 months. As for being a subscriber I can do so much more for as little as $15 a month. I get more experience boosts as well as so much unlocked for me and can really enjoy the game to its fullest. Leveling to 50 took me 1 month with being a subscriber.

So as you can see being a subscriber does help but any of the ways you choose are good as long as you don’t mind being limited some and taking longer to level your toons. That being said it is a very interesting game and keeps you drawn in to each class with the missions as well as there is so much to do. You can do space missions all alone or player versus player actions. There are warzones and flashpoints you do as groups for different things you can gain in game. This is the most rounded game that I have yet to play and I keep coming back. I have been playing for a little under a year and although it does have some draw backs to being none paid members it never kept me from playing. Some call it a paid to play game but I disagree due to the fact you can get to 50 without paying a dime. If you pay of course like I said it gets you perks as well as there faster but it never stops you from enjoying the storyline, if that is what your there for.
All in all I give this game for all Star Wars fans a 100% thumbs up for creativity and looks alone.
Thumbs down for the things you have to unlock a lot of, if you don’t want to subscribe.
Thumbs up: on keeping me enthralled and keep coming back.
Thumbs up: for story lines and things to always be able to do within the game, and all the varieties.


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