The Second Life Game Review

The Second Life Game Review

Go to your fantasy worlds.
The Second Life Game Review.

Many players know about the Second Life online game, yet there is a lot of bad reputation to this game, as well as good sometimes. I think more bad than good. I played this game for almost 3 years, and thought I could give an honest review of the good, bad, and ugly. This is a truly visual virtual world. You can do everything in Second Life, which you can do in real life, even though you can’t always do the opposite. You can fly without a plane or wings, although you can also buy these things to use. You can drive cars, boats, planes, helicopters, the list goes on. If you can imagine it, then you can have it in the Second Life. Let me tell you the good things I have found in second life.

First off, the graphics are amazing of places you go. You can go to places in the world, like Paris and England, and many others. Yet you can also go to a lot of fantasy worlds, that don’t exist anywhere, but within someone’s mind. You can celebrate any holiday within the Second Life; they go all out with that side as well. You get to meet people and build friendships. You won’t even have to be where they are, you have them on your friends list and you can talk yet be somewhere else. You can find many places to role play out things, like I loved playing in the west in the 1890’s a lot. You can shop and make your avatar look the way you want them to look. You can choose to put money in the game but it isn’t necessary. You can actually get jobs within the Second Life, like a job as a volleyball coach or a Realtor. You can even be your own boss. You will be able to build your own things, and sell them on the market, or within the game for more lindens, which profits you in buying other things you want. Also after so many lindens you can actually cash them out into real money that you can use every day.

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Those are the things I love about the game, so here is the darker path to what makes the Second Life get the bad reputation it has. Although still open of the better virtual realities it’s just its been taken a bit too far. Adult nature has taken over a big part of this game and you can really see some dark stuff in the game, like rape and murder that bleeds through that makes you question, what kind of game it really is. It is definitely a game that has its light and dark side to it that could truthfully scare you off with some of the things I have seen in game.
300x250Static iB85 Bluetooth Wireless HeadphonesThen, if you wanted a relationship in real life with the people in the Second Life, be careful there. A lot of the people are truly playing head games, or they lie to the full extent. I met my boyfriend on the Second Life, and I found out things about him over the years, which the game brought out in him, that I never knew about him. This can be scary, so it is the best to do, what a lot do, and keep the Second Life in second life and real life to real life. They also have people that hack your accounts, like any other game out there.

All in all, I think this game is a good game; you just have to weed out the bad in the game and block it out. I mean really block it out, and block all adult nature within the game so you can experience the game at its best. Just keep in mind it’s a game, and treat it that way and you won’t get hurt. Also, be just as cautious meeting people, as if you met them on the street, because the first impressions aren’t everything.

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