Timeless by Alexandra Monir. An Honest Book Review

Timeless by Alexandra Monir.

Alexandra Monir Timeless

An Honest Book Review

So, I love to read, but it takes a lot for a book to capture my attention, so when I came across this book, “Timeless,” I was captured immediately and wanted to share it with everyone. Because the writer is fairly new still and she hasn’t written a lot of stuff, then I would like to share my thoughts on her book. Alexandra Monir is the author of this book and she did an amazing job.

I have always been really interested in time travel movies and books. Something about them just captivates me. This book is no different, and after reading the synopsis on Amazon, I was hooked. I immediately bought it and started reading. It is one of those books you can’t put down easily. I had it done within 2 days max even with my hectic schedule. I will tell you, though, this book sets time travel in a different way that I have never seen done before in other books or movies, so I love the twist in the way she does it.

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It has an old time feel to it as well as a modern feel due to the fact that she goes into the early 1900s. As she describes things from the early 1900s, as well as nowadays, in the book she is dead on and you can tell she really did her homework to get this book to feel like you were really there with her lead in the book.
KoboIf the mystery of the path isn’t all enough for you, then it also has a very unique love story involved that connects you to her main character like no other book I have ever read before. Surely if you read this book and can’t put it down, I don’t think you will have a problem reading her other book, “Timekeeper,” too, because it continues the things you’ll love from this book into it. I hardly ever see authors go out of their way to make trailers for their books until she did, though. I think it was a great idea because it is definitely the thing that sealed the deal in me reading this book. She knows her audience and although I think it is supposed to be more of a young adult book, I see no reason why adults wouldn’t love this book as well. This book has become my favorite now—I have read it 5 times—and still to this day I love the suspenseful feel I get in this book even though I already know the ending. So if you want a great read, then stop here and check this one out; I don’t think anyone will be dissatisfied.

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