Popular MMO game Trove review.

Trove Review.

Popular MMO game Trove review.

I’ve got check out this new game called Trove. This game is put out by the same people who put out Rift and ArcheAge. Trion wanted to compete with Minecraft, and give a different feel to it. In Minecraft you only deal with building, and some monsters that you have to fight. In Trove you do more fighting than building. Although building is a part of it you get the choice to be several types of warriors. I set up my account and went in to start playing.

I love Minecraft and I thought this would be an awesome game. Sadly I was so disappointed. After downloading and installing it, the game kept glitching and wouldn’t let me in without logging in. Downfall is, there really is no login, so I had to set up my Glyph not to close out when game started and that fixed that issue.
After getting in the setup process is pretty easy, and there are instructions you read as you walk through trying to teach you the game and how it works. Some parts are pretty confusing in how they word things. You get to then choose if you want to be a warrior or gunslinger for free, the other few choices they have you have to pay for them. Then you get you a house and land by choosing the spot with one click, now you have a house like everyone else. It makes it hard to find your house if you get too far away to tell it apart from everyone else’s house. The crafting is a lot harder to understand than Minecraft has ever been.

After 2 hours of trying to figure this game, I ended up quitting and never going back. I do think the shooting part and fighting is kind of cool. I fell down in to a valley and took me forever to get out because with Trove, for anyone who has played Minecraft will see the difference. In Minecraft you can point your pointer at the block you want to break away, in Trove you can’t, it breaks any block it feels like no matter if your pointing at a different one or not. That is where it gets confusing, because it makes building things so much harder. You have weapons instead tools to even build with. Instead you use your sword or gun to shoot the ground, it’s all weird. The game play just isn’t very smooth and even in customizing your toon, it’s never very original. You look so much like everyone else no matter what you do. I know this game is still in beta form but even with that this game lacks so much that I doubt they will ever change. The Trove has so many glitches and even a lot of lag. The cool thing was; things I had to fight they were done well. Funny I never thought any games graphics could be worse than Minecraft’s, but I was wrong; this looks worse. All in all I give this game a pretty strong thumbs down.


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