Winter's tale Movie Review

Winter’s Tale Movie Review

Winter’s Tale Movie Review.
An epic love story.

If you haven’t seen Winter’s Tale then you are truly missing something epic, and I’ll try to figure out all the ways to tell you about a great movie I watched this year and truly do it justice.
Winter’s Tale Movie ReviewI was lucky to go see this the day it hit theaters this year with my boyfriend on Valentine’s Day. This was definitely a movie to watch on that day and was probably one of the best movies I have seen in theaters in a long time. The movie is quiet long so be prepared, but was so worth seeing on the big screen. It really pulled me into the story line and made me feel like I was there. Now past the actual being there thing the story itself is more important. This is not a love story like any other. A lot of critics believed you couldn’t take a historic movie based in the past and add fantasy to it and it work out, but I disagree. I think that is what I loved most because you had that touch of fantasy and magic that tipped the scale to make it so epic.

This movie had me from the first time I saw the trailer. You know it is a touching story when like me you can watch the trailer and end up in tears. I knew from the moment I saw that trailer that I had to see Winter’s Tale the day it hit theaters. I was really surprised that Colin Farrell played such a great part in a love story drama when he is usually in action movies but he truly is all-around actor that won me over with this role. The music in this film made it even more forgettable as well so let me get on to the story line.

It was dated back in the 1800’s where a thief meets the love of his life by trying to rob from her. He is mesmerized by this woman yet she is dying of Consumption. He gives her life to live yet it is really her that teaches him how to truly live and love. There are spots of this sacred horse Pegasus that was outstandingly done in this movie. Winter’s Tale Movie Review.After falling in love with Beverly, and feeling that is what he was here for, he was never able to die but to live on to save a woman’s daughters life. It was a miracle he was there to give and although not to the love of his life he was able to save someone. I can’t say anything bad about this film it made me cry smile and laugh. It is a movie that even with seeing it once I can recite the whole movie. Not to mention I watch the trailer and it reminds me of the feeling I had the day I saw it even though it has been 8 months later. I have never had a movie touch my memories as well as my heart so much, until this movie. I give it on a star based 1 out of a 100 and I give it a 1000. Also this movie has some other great actors and actresses in it, but Colin stole my heart in this movie. It becomes an epic love story, which everyone dreams of.
Watch the trailer below and tell me it doesn’t touch something inside of you.

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