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Books are an essential part of life and they bring so much entertainment and information to all of us! It’s hard to imagine today’s world without reading; after all, all of human history is known due to written records, and that’s how society continues today. If there were no written material, we would be reduced to storytelling as our sole means of passing along anything we wanted to share with others. With nothing permanent, we couldn’t rely on books or other printed sources to share local or world events, stories, announcements, keep records or anything else. Reading can transport you away from your everyday life to the locale, time period and life of the characters in a book. It’s a great way to have fun while exercise your mind!
Share with us your favorite book reviews!

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Tell us about your favorite magazine.Who doesn’t like magazines? Whether you like cooking, sports, political, fashion, intellectual, or trashy magazines, everybody has something that they are interested in. Reading or looking at pictures related to your favorite topic is fun.
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Whatever you read, Kobo offers you the best selection and price so that you can begin enjoying your new ebook or emagazine immediately. Kobo tablets and ereaders are affordable and technologically advanced. Begin diving into more than 3.5 million comics, kids titles, Kobo Devicesebooks, and magazines. Enjoy them with razor sharp colors and interactive elements. Download titles conveniently over wifi. Get the free Kobo app and sync your reading on multiple devices so you never have to find your place in a book again. Start learning, laughing, or dreaming today using Kobo.


Buying costly brand new books doesn’t make much sense when you can buy used books for less, and that’s why Bookbyte is happy to offer you a selection of used textbooks that contains thousands of the most popular titles that professors use for their classes. Bookbyte is also the perfect place for selling books back—they’ll provide you with an online instant quote, and you’ll find that their sellback prices are often higher than most book stores!


Download standardsThe American National Standards Institute is the premier organization for developing and issuing technical standards for a number of services, products, and systems. By conforming to the standards that ANSI sets forth, businesses are better prepared to play a competitive role in the global marketplace.
ANSI is also happy to offer documents through their website that outline standards for a number of different industries, including everything from health care to technology manufacturing. These documents lay out not only American standards but also international standards as well. Standards typically are formatted as a PDF which means that you’ll have instant access to this vital information as soon as you make a purchase! is your one stop shop for buying and selling every kind of book imaginable! With their wide selection of bestsellers books, textbooks, and ebooks, you’re bound to find just what you were looking for. Plus, by partnering with some of the biggest publishers and distributors around, they can offer you prices that are often much lower than those found in bookstores.
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World Book Store

World Book EncyclopediaFor almost 100 years, World Book Store has been a leading figure when it comes to accurate and up-to-date reference materials. Their bestselling World Book Encyclopedia collection is ubiquitous in classrooms all over the country, and their other online and print works have been educating students in every area of study imaginable. With products that are appropriate for a wide age range of children, you’re sure to find something that will educate and entertain your family.

If you’re looking for a website that has all the most popular ebooks at affordable prices, then look no further than! With their wide selection of everything from bestsellers to scholarly articles, you’re sure to find the perfect read for you.
Buy eBooks Bestsellers at the best price onlineAll of their great titles are supported across many different types of electronic reader software including the Kindle, Nook, iPad, and many more. Plus, if you would prefer to read your ebook online on your laptop or PC, allows you that option as well—that’s something you won’t find with a lot of their competitors.
With prices lower than most traditional bookstores and lots of great options for formatting your purchases, it’s no wonder that so many people turn to for all their reading needs. Give them a try today to see for yourself, or purchase an gift certificate to share the fun with an avid reader in your life!

Buying textbooks every semester can cost thousands of dollars over the course of your college career. Thankfully, you’ll save a bundle when you decide to rent yours from Book Renter instead.
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Campus Book Rentals

With Campus Book Rentals, renting your textbooks has never been easier. You can find what you’re looking for among their thousands of popular titles by searching a book name, author, keyword, or ISBN number, and with several different rental schedules available, you’re sure to find a plan that works for you and your particular school.

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Pearson Education (Peachpit)How well do you utilize technology? Is everything that you do good or really good but sometimes not quite great? Whether you are a professional, or just know that your photos and videos could be a smidgen better, Peachpit is a place to learn. Whether it be how to improve your use of technology, or tips on getting the most out of a computer program or device, Peachpit has a straightforward approach and goal. Peachpit seeks to make life easier by offering technology books, ebooks, and videos for creative people.


InformIT (Pearson Education)From podcasts, to articles, and blogs, whatever your medium of choice InformIt is the place to get unbiased and important information on technology. A learning source for those studying technology and its constant evolution, or just interested in a specific subject or seeking an answer to a question, InformIT has you covered. Lots of free and valuable content is available as are deals on books and videos that delve deep into technology topics. InformIT is a constantly evolving and growing place for information, news, and analysis.

Trinity Road

Since its inception in 1997, Trinity Road has been a leading distributor of inspirational and family-friendly books and gifts. They currently provide over 15,000 items from over 200 businesses to Christian bookstores around the world. Whether you’re looking for new Christian music, youth ministry resources, or other Christian stuff, they’re sure to have everything you need to bring you closer in your walk with Christ.

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