Hair removal. Best ways to get rid of unwanted hair.

Hair removal

Hair removal. Best ways to get rid of unwanted hair.

The best ways to remove hair can be different depending on your body and preferences. Waxing unwanted hair is a necessity whether you want to be getting rid of lip hair, eyebrow waxing, or getting a smooth bikini area. Natural hair removal remedies may sometimes be good for those who have sensitive skin and act negatively to waxing. Sometimes laser hair removal is the best way to get rid of unwanted hair forever. Find out if permanent hair removal is right for you. Customer reviews from people like you can help you learn about easy ways to remove hair and even the best ways to get rid of chest hair forever.
Share with us your favorite way to remove unwanted hair and help people learn the positives and negatives with the power of the customer review.


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Verseo’s mission is to surprise and delight customers of all ages with their original solutions to health, wellness and beauty needs. Verseo ePen hair removal systemDriven by the need to meet popular demand, they are constantly developing new and improved devices based upon information from clinical trials. They are the web’s leading source of never-before-seen products guaranteed to be effective and safe.

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Electrolysis is a pricey and home hair removal systems of the past have proven largely ineffective or the units are so small that hair removal is far too time consuming. Until now, there have been no viable options for those of us who want to permanently remove unwanted hair in the privacy of our own homes. All that’s changed now thanks to new FDA approved Home Pulsed Light technology.


The health of your skin is vital to maintaining a youthful, beautiful, healthy appearance and silky smooth texture. Silk'n Flash&GoHome Skinovations Inc. is dedicated to providing safe, affordable and effective high-end skin care products, at-home laser/light skin treatment units and permanent hair removal devices. All Silk’n products and devices are certified to meet or exceed company standards. Products are guaranteed to be just as effective at home as they are at the spa. Silk’n collagen production boosting moisturizers, serums and facial cleanser are comprised of only the best, freshest and most effective naturally sourced ingredients possible. The full line of Silk’n products are compatible with every skin type and are designed to calm, nourish, sooth and protect even the most sensitive skin.
Electrolysis and laser and light treatment devices are high powered machines capable of penetrating deep below the surface of the skin. Because of their penetrating power, Silk’n products feature many safeguards, such as safe skin tone detection technology. This brand new technology prevents injuries to those with skin tones too dark for laser therapy. Home Skinovations offers the power to transform skin that is dull, aging and dry into skin that is supple, smooth and glowing. Order today!

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Silk’n SensEpil

Safe, quick and effective, the clinically proven SensEpil hair removal system is the first at home hair removal system of its size on the market, meaning less time and effort spent on permanent hair removal. This permanent home hair remover is more comfortable to use because it’s activated by skin contact rather than forcefully applied pressure.
Due to safety reasons relating to skin tone, only expert technicians were qualified to determine which clients were suitable for permanent hair removal. The SensEpil home electrolysis machines eliminate the guess work thanks to new and unique Skin Sensor technology that automatically detects skin tones that are safe for electrolysis.

Silk’n FaceFx Anti-Aging LED Handheld Facial Device

Our skin begins to show age when we lose collagen, the substance that retains moisture below our skin and keeps it supple, glowing and smooth. Collagen loss is inevitable, and until recently absolutely irreversible. No longer! LED technology has found a way to stimulate your body’s natural ability to produce collagen, effectively regenerating the appearance of your youthful skin.
Lightweight, handheld, and user friendly, the Silk’n FaceFX combines the power of deep dermal heating, light energy and massage to stimulate collagen production and reduce pore size, fine lines and wrinkles. The result is supple, smooth, youthful skin that’s sure to turn heads.

• Uses LED-based Home Fractional (HF) Technology for anti-aging results.
• Combines deep dermal heat and red light therapy to stimulate collagen production.
• Produces long-term, radiant skin results.
• Proven to diminish wrinkles, improve skin texture, brighten skin color and reduce pore size.
• Combine with Silk’n skin products for best results.
• Includes one handheld device, charging stand, electrical cord and training manual.

Silk׳n Flash&Go Hair Removal

Unwanted hair is something most of us struggle to keep under control. Traditional hair removal methods are time consuming, painful and expensive. Electrolysis is the only proven method of getting rid of hair for good and now there’s a way to do it at home safely and effectively. Silk’n Flash&Go is a revolutionary device that uses light-based technology to permanently remove unwanted hair. This at-home electrolysis applicator lets you seek and destroy body hair with perfect precision.
Silk’n Flash&Go is great for treating all areas from head to toe. Treatments are quick and easy with a minimum of discomfort involved. Advanced light technology assures a fast, permanent removal of your unwanted hair. Just plug in, charge and go!

Silk׳n Calm-E Moisturizer
(Post-treatment cream, light/laser sensitivity)

Our skin needs to be smooth, soft, dewy and supple in order to maintain the appearance of youth and great health. Light therapy is one of the best ways to regain a youthful appearance, and continuous moisturizing is the key to maintaining a youthful appearance. Post-treatment skin is sometimes sensitive and needs additional nutrients and moisture in order to sooth away heightened sensations. Silk’n Calm-E cream harnesses the power of vitamins A and E to sooth the skin, moisturize and create a protective barrier against irritation and inflammation after light or laser skin treatments. Calm-E moisturizer works best with the full line of Silk’n FaceFX skin care products and is a great addition to every day skin care routines.

Silk׳n Hydrator Serum – Enhancing

The secret is younger looking skin is constant dermal rejuvenation. Silk’n Serum line of skin care products is specially designed to deeply nourish, smooth, stimulate and brighten the appearance of the face and neck. Silk’n Hydrator Serum is used as part of the Silk’n Face FX skin regeneration routine, it is an excellent source of hydration and is a rejuvenation secret weapon.
Applied after using the deep and gentle Silk’n Cleanser, this serum penetrates deep into the skin and stimulates cellular growth while softening the skin. This serum is comprised of 100% Squalane, a derivative of natural oils found in olives and effectively enhances the anti-aging results of Silk’n FaceFX. After treatments, the skin on the face and neck is exfoliated, smooth and moist. Dull, dry or dead skin cells are eliminated, allowing a fresh face to emerge.

Silk’n Swirl face cleaning brush

Deep cleaning and gentle exfoliation every day are both great ways to get healthy, beautiful skin. The Silk’n Swirl’s dual speeds and soft bristles work hard to remove dirt, oil or makeup while gently exfoliating the skin. This power brush is waterproof, so it’s perfect for use within the shower or bath.
The Silk’n Swirl Face Cleaning Power Brush is specially designed to work best with the Silk’n brand deep and gentle face wash. This power brush is great for post-treatment care and is engineered to help extend the effects of the Silk’n FaceFX, SensEpil and Flash&Go hand held devices.

Silk’n HydraMist Post-Treatment Smoothing and Replenishing Moisturizing Spray (4oz)

Moisturizing the skin is a vital component of a youthful appearance. Now it’s easier than ever to moisturize the skin by using Silk’n HydraMist Post-Treatment Smoothing and Replenishing Moisturizing Spray. This spray is designed for use before the application of an SPF and after therapeutic skin treatments and is safe for all skin types.
This moisturizing spray works best when the skin has been deeply cleansed with Silk’n Post-Treatment Face Wash and primed with Silk’n Face FX serum and moisturizing cream. Use this moisturizer as a final step to sooth the skin, reduce inflammation and replenish moisture after treatments with FaceFX, SensEpil or Flash&Go light therapy or electrolysis devices. As the final step in the FaceFX skin revitalization process, this moisturizer is specially formulated to nourish and protect the skin.

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